Small Business People, You Know It: You Get What You Pay For

How many times have you had a prospect thiiiiiis close to buying your product or service, but they turn away? They’ll have it done elsewhere. They’ll find it online for cheaper. They’ll figure it out themselves. That’s way too expensive, they say.

You watch, with disappointment, annoyance, outrage. And you think, they may find it cheaper somewhere else, but they won’t find a product or service that matches your quality or your value. This product was made for them. It’s the perfect solution!

The same holds true for marketing work.

Billy Bob’s Billboards may cost you significantly less than a professional marketing shop’s time would, but would their end result be worth a dollar investment?

I think not. Because behind the price of your marketing lies value both hidden and obvious.

  • Like when you can’t do it yourself.
    You need something designed well, but all you have is clipart, you must turn to professionals who can help. And from experience, I’ll tell you, cheap graphic designers aren’t good and good graphic designers aren’t cheap.The same holds true for writing. While some people do have a way with words, others simply have a way to write words. Professional writers give thought to every word, sentence and turn of phrase to ensure the value of your brand and that your audience will be spurred to action.
  • Or when you want smart solutions that actually work.
    Us marketing people like to make the work we deliver to clients look seamless and easy to pull off. But behind our work is a lot of research, best practices and experience. We learn your market, we meet your target audience, we research how best to talk to them and the best ways to share your brand and products. And we’ll give you what you ask for, but if we think your small business could get better, we’ll deliver that, too. Because we’re partners now, and our knowledge is your knowledge and our expertise is your value.
  • And when you want to see return on your investment.
    From customers whose eye you actually caught by your professionally designed marketing materials to actual prospects converting to customers because of the brand your marketing team helped create, small businesses often see real return on their marketing investments with true professionals. You may be spending a little, but you’re using your time more wisely, doing what you are best at. Plus, working with creative, talented people can actually pay for itself once you see the return from a well-orchestrated marketing campaign.

Where most large advertising agencies fees aren’t feasible for the small business budget, Zao525 works with a team of talented contractors to leverage special talents on a need-by-need basis to keep costs lower and our work at its best. We pour our time and our passion into small business and nonprofit projects, because we’re passionate about what small businesses do.

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