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I try to give thanks throughout the year for the blessings I receive. And man do I feel blessed with all the people I get to meet and the projects I get to take part in. This time of year especially, I’m reminded about the great small businesses and nonprofits I’m able to help, as they’re helping our communities.

Today I’m remembering my clients and their small businesses (some of them aren’t so small anymore!) or nonprofits that nurture our land, help put food on our tables, or care for our natural world. These are just a few project highlights from this past year.  

Boone County Conservation


I love playing on SnapChat. If I’m not adding a Bitmoji, I’m using a filter. So when Park Ranger Steve came to Zao for help with developing a SnapChat filter for the High Trestle Trail, I snapped him a thumbs up, and we got to work. We ended up with a great illustration Boone County Conservation can use, so visitors add context to their photos and share with their friends.

NRG Ag Services & Supply


We had the pleasure of helping Butch and his team showcase their products and services on the world wide web. This group of men and women have a passion for all things agricultural, and they can help farmers with about any stage of their operation. My favorite part about working on this project was learning more about Butch’s story behind starting and growing NRG. You can read about it on NRG’s website.


Iowa Central Electric


The longer I work in this business, the more I get to learn about the agriculture industry. Iowa Central Electric asked Zao for website copy and SEO, or search engine optimization, and we delivered — getting to learn about agribusiness electrical needs in the process.


Key Cooperative


Usually I interact with one, maybe two individuals from the different businesses I help, but with Key Cooperative, I had the opportunity to train a group of their senior leadership team on crisis communication. I got to give these guys and gals the talk about what they need to do to “expect the best and prepare for the worst.”


Iowa 4-H Foundation


The Iowa 4-H Foundation publishes a newsletter called FourWord once in the summer and once in the winter. We’re proud to have been able to help design, edit, and once in awhile contribute articles to the newsletter for the past five years. This organization does so much for Iowa’s youth, and we’re glad we can be a helping hand.

Thank you to all my clients, to all their passions and to each one’s pursuit to do more. I’m looking forward to spreading your messages next year.

Wanna see more of our work? We’ve got lots of pretty pictures to show you. Check them out on our web portfolio.

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