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Businesses That Inspire.


I try to give thanks throughout the year for the blessings I receive. And man do I feel blessed with all the people I get to meet and the projects I get to take part in. This time of year especially, I’m reminded about the great small businesses and nonprofits I’m able to help, as they’re helping our communities.

Today I’m remembering my clients and their small businesses or nonprofits that inspire with their services, their products, or their spirit. These are just a few project highlights from this past year.  


Live Healthy Iowa


At the end of last year, I had the pleasure of completing a communications audit for Live Healthy Iowa. This report informed the decisions of Zao strategists as we developed a strategic communication direction report this year. I’m thankful I got to help Live Healthy Iowa help people live healthy in Iowa!



I couldn’t have had the opportunity to do this for any other client: Kevin, the founder of Tech4Impact, wanted his business cards to reflect his services. Since he provides assistive technology, digital presence and training to people who have disabilities, he wanted his business card to be inclusive for all his prospects and clients. So Zao got to create its first-ever braille business card! Isn’t this just the coolest, most inspiring thing ever?



Heartland Senior Services


Every service Heartland Senior Services provides aims to keep seniors independent, and we at Zao tip our hats to that. We’ve had the pleasure of managing Heartland’s Facebook page to promote their 2017 Dancing With the Story County Stars fundraising event! We can’t wait to see Story County’s finest move on the dance floor in January and bring people together to support our community’s seniors.

Laurie Hock


Laurie Hock coaches business people on their strengths, and I can tell you firsthand that she’s a force of inspiration and spirit. I had the pleasure to work with her as we dug into a business brainstorming session in Omaha, spiffed up her brand look, wrote and designed her website and worked with her to develop her collateral. I can’t wait to see the impact she has on people’s lives as she helps them along their journeys.

Ames Dynamic Dual


Ames Dynamic Dual wanted to deliver a different car sales experience in Ames. They came to Zao, and we had so much fun helping them develop their brand and a new website that showcased their mission to make the car-buying experience focused on the car-buyer and their needs. I love their customer-focused spirit — it’s truly inspiring in today’s world.  

Thank you to all my clients, to all their passions and to each one’s pursuit to do more. I’m looking forward to see how we can spread your messages next year.

Wanna see more of our work? We’ve got lots of pretty pictures to show you. Check them out on our web portfolio.

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