The cake that loved us

Look at that cake. Doesn’t it look like it was made just for us? The colors, the swirls; it’s just perfect. But guess what? It wasn’t made just for us.

For every cake, there is a reason

Last Friday, we held a launch party for our newborn business at the very hip Della Viti Self-Serve Wine Bar. We had a fabulous time and got to celebrate with some close friends, supportive colleagues and extraordinary clients.

Among our decorations (brightly colored playground balls, of course), business cards and some snacks lay that picture perfect cake. That morning, while Samantha was out gathering supplies for the shindig, she stopped at the Hy-Vee bakery hoping to find a square white cake that the cake decorator could write our name on. What she found instead was perfection.

A cake only a mother could love

When Samantha saw our cake, it was as-is, minus our logo in the middle and a couple of purple swirls. While the cake decorator free-handed our logo just from looking at our business card (unbelievable, right?), she and Samantha chatted about the story behind the cake.

As it turns out, a newbie in the bakery section had been practicing the night before and had a wild hair creative streak. The baker put the cake out on the sales floor, all the while thinking “Now how in the world am I going to sell this cake?”

The delicious moral of the story

Of course, that cake was absolutely perfect for us and saved us a ton of time and money. And you can bet we will return to the Hy-Vee bakery for any decorative cakes we need in the future. And what does the baker have to thank for earning a loyal customer?

1) Taking a chance on something she wasn’t certain would work.
2) Being talented in her craft and personalizing her service to us.
3) Choosing to be friendly and personable, even when faced with a surprise request.

Have something you aren’t certain could work, but want to try it anyway? Click the start button to chat it over with us and gain some piece of mind.

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