Our small-business story also comes with cake

Telling Your Small-Business Story

The idea festered for a while before I actually did something about it. I had been working as marketing director for nonprofits for almost a decade by then. In my role there, I had gotten involved in the Nevada Chamber of Commerce and became president, and I was also serving on the Young Professionals of…
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Candle Burning

Merry Christmas, Friends!

Spread the Spirit I love what this time of year brings: the family I get to see, the baking I get to do, the cheer that comes alight in my heart — and especially the spirit. Not many people know the origins of Zao525’s name (or often how to even say it!), but its meaning…
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The cost of insight, reflection and research

You can get a logo cheap, but… what is the real price for a discount logo? What will you do for $5? Last week I was researching pricing on something and came across a really interesting website. I have to admit, when I saw the description for the page that said “Hire people to do…
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