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Brands We Love: ALDI Truth

Brands We Love: ALDI

So, I’ve been wanting to write about my newest favorite brand for some time now, but my grocery shopping trip today helped seal the deal for this month’s Brands We Love post. ALDI is actually new in my life, and if you know me, you’ve undoubtedly heard about my love for their amazing deals. However,…
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Your Brand Voice in a Crisis

No matter what sort of brand voice you have – whether it be witty, charming, snarky or sweet – there are two qualities that should emanate from all brand voices, at all times: honesty and sincerity. Customers and followers don’t expect perfection; we’re all human, so mistakes are inevitable. But the way a company reacts…
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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

You’ve heard the stats. With over 800 million users on Facebook, and 140 million users on Twitter, you know you should be reaching clients and customers via social media. But are you ready to make the jump to Twitter? Let’s scratch the surface. *Note: All of the information presented assumes you have a working knowledge…
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