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Pancheros orange t-shirt

Your brand voice is everywhere. Even your t-shirts!

Last week we talked about how brand voice can be found in everything you do, including your mistakes. This week we’re taking a more intentional spin on finding your brand voice everywhere: your t-shirts. The Brand Voice of Panchero’s We are a big fan of the Panchero’s brand, and not just because they have a…
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The cost of insight, reflection and research

You can get a logo cheap, but… what is the real price for a discount logo? What will you do for $5? Last week I was researching pricing on something and came across a really interesting website. I have to admit, when I saw the description for the page that said “Hire people to do…
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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

You’ve heard the stats. With over 800 million users on Facebook, and 140 million users on Twitter, you know you should be reaching clients and customers via social media. But are you ready to make the jump to Twitter? Let’s scratch the surface. *Note: All of the information presented assumes you have a working knowledge…
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