Small Business Spotlight: Laurie Hock

Laurie Hock believes in you. She helps business owners, executives and teams go from just living their lives to leading them with Strengths coaching. And Laurie believed in Zao525 to help her brand soar.

The sitch.

Last year, Laurie Hock was at the dawn of her branding. She needed a look and a feel that told her prospects and clients who she was, what she stood for, and the value she could offer from a glance. She needed her spirit to shine through every brand collateral she created — so she came to Zao525.

The Zao solution.

We started with a half-day brainstorming session, where we reviewed Laurie Hock’s current materials, reviewed her design elements, and helped her focus her target market and positioning statement.

Laurie’s goals:

  • Discover her brand look and lock down a brand voice.
  • Create consistency throughout her communication materials.
  • Determine her target audience, and cater to that audience through media and brand.
  • Create a website that engaged her target audience and clearly defined who she was and what she could offer.


  • Her target market — business owners and executives — have little time to spare for reading lengthy material.
  • Her messages should be intentional and professional, while inspirational.
  • Her design needs to be sleek and personable, to serve the target while showing Laurie Hock’s personality.
  • Laurie Hock coaches Strengths first and foremost; these should be featured in her brand collateral.

We took what we learned in the brainstorming session to help redo her website, both in copywriting and design, where she could have a strong impression on future and current clients.

The results.

Laurie Hock is equipped to serve her target market with new branding, new business collateral, a new website that showcases her Strengths and how she can help others realize and use their own.  

“Working with Samantha and her team has birthed the personal brand I’d dreamed of.  My clients notice and appreciate the professional yet contemporary edge of the Laurie Hock brand, which I attribute to Samantha’s talent!” -Laurie Hock

I love projects like Laurie’s, because I was able to see and help her ideas transform into a spirited brand and concrete communication materials.

Interested in a new or redesigned website for your business? Is your brand at the dawn of its long life?

You go, boss! Drop us a line, and we can discuss the deets or fill out this project planner form.

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