Share the Facebook Love With Your Fellow Small Businesses

One of my clients recently asked me how she could help promote my business since I’d helped her with her Facebook page so much. First of all, I was honored. What a great compliment! Then I realized, this is a great question and another great place to use your brand voice!

Just a quick reminder, Facebook loves it when other businesses comment on your page. It give you validity and helps increase the amount of content your fans are seeing from your page.

Since small businesses need all the help we can get when it comes to our Facebook reach, it’s always nice to help a brother out, right? Hopefully your fellow small businesses will take note of your generosity and return the favor.

1) If someone comments on something that a partner business did for you or worked on with you, make sure to tag them in response.

Ex. Thanks for the comment on my new paint job. @PaintPros did a great job, huh?

2) You can do posts that are soley dedicated to thanking others that you work with a lot! Maybe a Thursday Thanks giving a shout out to businesses you partner with regularly.

Ex. Thursday Thanks! For all you do for Sam’s Shop, thanks @LocalBank @Mr.Handyman @CityofChoice. We love working with you!

3) You can always go to another business’s page and leave a comment. Just type it on their wall like you would on your own wall. It will come up in the smaller section on the right hand side of the page entitled, “Recent Posts by Others on Said Company’s Page”

Ex. Congrats on 200 likes! Looks like you’re rockin’ and rollin’.

It’s always great to share the Facebook love. Will you try this out using your brand voice?

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