Restaurants Have it Brand-Easy

We were chatting with a client the other day, and Samantha mentioned how restaurants have it pretty good when it comes to getting the word out there about their brand.

So many brand vehicles

Take a look at how many ways a restaurant can imprint their brand in a way that will reach their customer. Logo, signage, decor, interior architecture, menus, servers’ demeanor, uniforms – it just goes on and on and on.

Side note: what is really interesting is when an owner has more than one restaurant and each of those restaurants has a completely different brand. We particularly love the differences in Oddfellow’s Burger Kitchen and Pazzesco Chophouse (currently closed, looking for a new location). Crazy, funky party night, watching the game? Oddfellow’s. Fancy night out with a good bottle of wine? Pazzesco. Both owned by Nevada native Chris Patterson. Genius, man…

What brand vehicles can you steal?

Of course, by steal, we mean adapt to your own. Logo, signage, decor and interior architecture are similar match-ups, but you may have to get a little creative with the others:

Menus = Your website, printed materials, the names you give to your products and services
Servers’ demeanor = BRAND VOICE. Telephone scripts, radio/TV commercials, your elevator speech
Uniforms = uniforms if you have the, embroidered apparel if you don’t. It’s great to have clothes your brand’s style with your logo on them. (We have lime green blouses with the Zao logo- love them!)

What else do restaurants have that you can emulate?

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