Planning: A Cost/Benefit Analysis

Why would an agency push a comprehensive plan when you ask for a few small projects? Guaranteed income, right? Actually, no. We’re looking out for you.

The benefit(s) of project-by-project

The one clear (and heavily weighed!) benefit of engaging an agency’s services on a project-by-project basis is that you have flexibility to choose projects based on your immediate need. By only choosing a la carte options, it can also feel like you’re saving money. Unfortunately, this option is only the best fit for those organizations who have a solid brand and a good marketing head on their shoulders.

The three big benefits of a plan

We’ve identified the following points as why we REALLY want you to choose projects that fall within a marketing plan:

1) You’ll receive a pre-quoted price for all services, which by nature results in a lower price point because we will have done the thinking work in advance. When each project is quoted separately, we must bill in time for development per project that would otherwise be covered in an entire plan.

2) You maintain a higher priority in our queue of projects. When each project is assigned separately, it is treated like a new entry on our task list. A term plan ensures that all projects have deadlines ahead of any future clients we sign on.

3) Probably the most important, you ensure a comprehensive approach to marketing, which helps maintain brand consistency and enhances results.

We are big believers in planning as a cost saving measure, which is why we so heavily encourage planning for our clients.

One last thing

We’re not going to try and sell you a plan full of things you don’t need. If we present you with a plan, you can be sure that we are offering the most streamlined, efficient experience possible while still building an amazing brand infused with spirit. If you see something in the plan that doesn’t look good, let us know. We’re here to work with you.

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