Olympic Ads – All About Brand Voice

Photo: what Olympic sport is your brand?

We’ve been diggin’ the ads during these Olympics. Unlike the Superbowl, the ads for the Olympics are an extension of what the Olympics stand for: purity. talent. excellence. We aren’t being inundated with GoDaddy girls or tons of beer ads, because that’s not what the Olympics is about. The brands that are sponsoring the Olympics by having their ads run during broadcast get that. They’re using the Olympics as an extension of their brand voice.

A few of our favorites

Chobani is using their Olympic ads to tell their story. They talk about how their story relates to your story – and how that relates to the Olympians. It just makes you feel fresh.

View Chobani’s commercial

Nike has amazing marketing, and (as an athletic apparel company) they are a natural choice for the Olympics. Their ad is about “finding your greatness” – even if you’re not getting to the London Olympics, in towns all over the world named London, you’ll find greatness with Olympic spirit. Kind of makes us want to take a road trip to London, Kentucky, and run a 100m sprint. [Okay, that was a joke, and if you knew either of us in person you’d know just how funny it was.]

View Nike’s commercial here

Visa does a great job of keeping our interest by putting out new commercials relevant to who has won what, who has overcome great odds, and who holds our hearts. And they do it from the world’s perspective, because of their international audience. They definitely get us cheering “Go world!”

View Nike’s Go World Channel

Proctor & Gamble
As a mother, I had to save this one as my “best for last.” These heartfelt ads remind us that no matter how heroic our athletes are, to their mothers, they are still their children, and they have always and will always care for them. (And how can they do that? With P&G products, of course.)

View Proctor & Gamble’s Commercial (and make sure you have a tissue)

If you were running an Olympic ad, what angle would you take?

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