Mmmhmm! What Makes That Blog Post so Darn Good?

5 ingredients to a scrumptious small-business blog post


In a recent blog post I dished on why you need a blog and how to start one. Today, I’m going to let you in on the secret of how to stir up blog posts that connect your readers to your small business. And guess what? They’re easy!

  • Tell it to me straight, boss.
    The first thing your reader will see is your headline. Sometimes, the only thing your reader will see is your headline. Make sure these 5 to 15 words make an impact. Lead with the value or benefit your reader can expect from taking time out of their day to read what you wrote, and be honest about what they can expect.
  • Speak to your people.
    You don’t have to be a professional writer. But clear, error-free content makes a difference. Errors can trip up your reader, and with enough errors, your readership will start to lose faith in the credibility of your brand. Beyond grammatical, crisp writing, be sure to connect with your audience with messaging they would support. If your small business that sells agricultural products and services, you probably should leave the blog post about the best topiary gardens for your personal blog. Shoot for 300 words or more a post, and include some keyword phrases that are common to the subject you’re writing about —  this will up your search engine optimization (AKA, the chances that people will discover your blog post on search engines!).
  • Show us a pretty picture.
    A picture may be the last thing you think your blog post needs, with that great writing and clear message after all, but any audience — yours included — is drawn in by visuals. Instead of including “eye candy,” try to use imagery that enhances your messaging and provides additional value to your readers’ understanding or the influence of your point. When you share your blog post on social media, the photo will show up and help draw in readers.  
  • Stay true to your brand.
    Your small business’s brand should dictate your blog’s content (the sorts of things you say), your blog’s voice (how you say things), and your blog’s goal (the way you say things over time). Your small business brand exists to serve your customers. So when you keep your brand alive in your blog posts, you’ll automatically be talking to and paying homage to the very people who you want to speak with: your customers and prospects.
  • Say bye in style.
    If you got someone to read your headline and then read past the first paragraph, you better pay off their effort with a great closer. Ask yourself, what did I want this reader to know? What did I want this reader to do? Have a strong call to action, or at the very least a strong summary of key information points you want your reader to keep in that wonderful mind of theirs.  

Remember, your blog posts should be written with your customers and prospects in mind. When in doubt, think of the individuals you serve every day. And if you’re looking to kick your blog posts up a notch, give me a shout! I have a team of pro copywriters who can whip up strategic content ideas and write blog posts that are sure to engage your people.

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