Introducing: Brand Voice

We created a new page this week for It’s called Brand Voice, and it’s all about that one thing that we are so adamantly passionate about: the outstanding voice of your small business brand.

Making your brand voice heard

Why do we care so much about brand voice? Because it’s what personifies your brand. In fact, we do a little exercise where we actually create a fictional person who represents your brand. You remember Bob, right? Bob is our guy. He’s the brand.

We do this brand character exercise for our clients who are determined to discover their brand voice. It’s a really fun process that includes thinking about a person who resonates with your customers: man or woman? age? kids? likes? dislikes? and putting all that information in one fun and creative illustration. I’d show you, but I can’t give away all of our secrets!

The lonely page: Brand Voice Examples

In addition to our brand voice page, we’ve created a page for the very best brand voice examples. The only problem is, we haven’t added the content yet. We want to hear it from you – what are some of your very favorite examples of brand voice? Do you get a really funky 404 from your favorite website? A consistent style of banter from a company blog? Let us know! We want to add your examples to our page because we are committed to spreading the word about the importance of establishing your brand voice.

If you have an awesome example, make sure to comment here or leave a comment on our Facebook page. (You HAVE liked us on Facebook, right?) You can even tweet us- @zao525. We’re always listening.

Stay tuned to hear more about Bob and who he is. Knowing Bob, he wants people to know more about him. Oh…that Bob!

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