How do you say Zao?

Pronunciationon Purple

Zah-oh? Zay-oh? Five-two-five? Five-twentyfive?

Here’s how we say it:

Zay-oh. (Long a. Long o.) Five-twentyfive.

Zao for short.

The true pronunciation of Zao is Zah-oh, but try and say that five times fast. Maybe you can, but we couldn’t. We thought Zay-oh had a better flow. And when it’s your brand, you can do whatever you want to words!

So why Zao525?

Zao is a Greek word that means: to live, breathe, be among the living; to enjoy real life; to be fresh, bold, efficient. It represents who we are – pretty dead on, actually.

Since 525 is representative of Galatians 5:25, it’s read the way you would read scripture: chapter-verse.

We chose a name that meant something to us both as people and an organization that was representative of our work. We knew that it wouldn’t be familiar to people, but that’s okay. If we do our job as branding and marketing experts, you will tell your friends all about Zay-oh Five-twentyfive.