Social Media Metrics

What Most Social Media Metrics Ignore About Your Small Business

First, let’s talk about what social media metrics can do for your small business. Metrics can help you keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. If you jot down goals at the beginning of a campaign, you can compare numbers at the end to see any results — and adjust for future campaigns…
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Happy 525 Day!

May 25 is a special day at Zao525. We like to think of this day as our own little holiday. We’ve talked about it before: The meaning of our name, Zao525, represents who we are and what we stand for. From the Greek language, “Zao” means “to live, breathe, be among the living; to enjoy…
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Color Palette Macaroons

How to Do Small Business Branding Like a Pro

Small business branding may be the last thing on your mind — but it’s the first thing your customers and prospective customers notice. Depending on how effective your branding is, you could be loved, adored, forgotten or ignored. What if I told you, with a little work, you could create a brand that’s as effective…
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Our small-business story also comes with cake

Telling Your Small-Business Story

The idea festered for a while before I actually did something about it. I had been working as marketing director for nonprofits for almost a decade by then. In my role there, I had gotten involved in the Nevada Chamber of Commerce and became president, and I was also serving on the Young Professionals of…
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