Brands We Love: Pancheros

[Editor’s note: I apologize greatly for those who expected this post on Thursday. Our good friend Alan Feirer over at Group Dynamic once wrote this post on priorities. In that respect, we were working on a tight deadline for a very valued client of ours. Happy reading.] [Editor’s note x2: This is the second post in a monthly series called “Brands We Love.”]

Last week we discussed using your brand voice in the unlikeliest of places, like your t-shirts, and briefly made an example of Panchero’s. This week, we’re devoting the entire post to those Burrito Fed lovers-of-life over at the Iowa City based chain restaurant.

From Iowa City, with love

It should not shock anyone to know that this week’s idea for “Brands We Love” came directly from Samantha, who was an Iowa Citian during the college years. A mere twenty years ago, the first Panchero’s opened in Iowa City to a hungry, burrito starved college population. Since then, over fifty franchises have sprung up all over the country.

A unique challenge to franchise restaurants is maintaining your core messaging, and your brand voice, throughout all of your stores. Panchero’s executes this flawlessly. Everything about their website speaks to their target market (young adults, mainly college students). The colors, the language, the use of graphics (I particularly enjoy the use of the chicken, pig and cow to identify chicken, pork or beef) – each element is used strategically to speak to their audience.

Social media at its best

Now, if your target market is college students, you best make use of Facebook. Panchero’s delivers again. With nearly 30,000 likes, their Facebook‘s brand voice comes from JayJay, a burrito-loving bearer of the Panchero’s torch. JayJay keeps Facebook fun and engaging by using such contests as “Burrito O’Clock,” where fans can post their favorite burrito combo. If JayJay picks your burrito to try out, you receive Panchero’s “swag” and some coupons for free Panchero’s eats. Or, you can Instagram a photo of yourself eating some Panchero’s goodness and you may be chosen as an OFFICIAL ambassador to Burrito Relations Nation. The Department of Burrito Relations also makes stops around Panchero’s towns to say hi and even deliver chips and queso. YUM!

The lesson here, “all wrapped up” (like a burrito, get it?)

The number one thing we love about Panchero’s (closely followed by their food) is the consistency of their message. You can walk into a Panchero’s anywhere in the country and get the same brand voice- fun, funky, caring – someone you would want to hang out with. Every Panchero’s employee gives you the sense they may be JayJay, the voice behind their Facebook page.

The lesson here? Once you’ve identified your brand voice, use it. Always. Everywhere. The end. Haven’t identified your brand voice yet? Call us.

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