Brands We Love: Jax Outdoor Gear

How can you not love a brand that’s “Grown-up and still having fun?” Today we’re bragging on our favorite sports/surplus store, Jax Outdoor Gear.

Ames marketing at its finest

It doesn’t get more local that running an ad on CyRide (the Iowa State University and Ames public transportation system), and we love seeing those buses go by with pictures of happy people just enjoying the outdoors. While our Jax is a “sister store” to the other five Jax Mercantile stores (all in Colorado), the Ames location stands its ground in a sea of Ames businesses. Their brand voice helps them stand out in the heart of campus, even though they’re on the edge of town.

There is no shortage of ways that Jax uses their brand voice, either. Take a look at their website and you will see them capitalizing on social media in a huge way: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest (see, we told you Pinterest is for everyone), YouTube and a blog! Their brand voice, consistent throughout each of these medias and an echo of their tagline, assure us that we’ll find good friends at Jax who can offer us great advice on our favorite hobbies.

(We also know they’d be our good friends because they like palindromes.)

If you’ve never stepped inside Jax, I’d recommend you take the trip out West (I’m talking West Lincoln Way, but if you’re going to Colorado anyway, hey! more power to you). Even if you’re not in the mood for a new disc golf set or a dehydrator for camping, I think you’ll be impressed to find that their employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and “grown-up and still having fun!” Because as they say – “life is better here.”

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