Brands We Love: ISU College of Engineering

It’s our favorite time of the month: Brands We Love! This month’s focus is near and dear to my heart, being an Iowa State alumna and all. (Okay, so I wasn’t smart enough to get an engineering degree, but my brother did!) The ISU College of Engineering, or CoE, has captured our attention in a very positive way.

Breaking the mold while following the rules

Before we even get into the individual attributes that make CoE a Brand We Love, we have to pay homage to their individuality in a sea of university bureaucracy. At a huge entity like Iowa State, they have to have a lot of rules to ensure that their brand is used correctly. That leaves little room for each college, center and department to make their unique mark, but CoE has done it in style. Their website matches other ISU sites, but has a flavor all its own, from their tagline, “Be > You Imagined” (that’s “better than” for those of us who can’t remember which is which) to their social buttons, which include an RSS feed, the Innovate Online blog, Youtube channel, Twitter, Facebook and apps.

Speaking of apps, CoE came out this year with a little something called the “MyState” app. No longer do college freshman and transfers have to look like newbies walking around campus with their cumbersome maps: now they can check where their next class is discreetly on their smartphone. CofE does an amazing job reaching out to the student body, from rousing new transfer receptions in the Memorial Union to a standing-room only lecture by Bill Nye (the Science Guy). You heard that right: standing room only. Students showed up early and some still were turned away for a LECTURE sponsored by the COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. It defies all the “cool” logic you remember from high school, right?

The truth is, engineering IS cool, and CoE does an amazing job of telling that story. Engineering is a tough discipline, but our favorite thing about CoE’s brand voice is that they relate the discipline and its faculty, staff and students to people who AREN’T so great at math (like us).

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