Branded Packaging

[slideshow_deploy id=’2571′] With the holiday season upon us, I’m reminded again of how much I love branded packaging. Almost any locally-owned store will gift wrap for you. For them, it’s just another way of keeping their brand at the forefront of your mind. And rightfully so!

Not Just for Holidays

You’re paying for packaging anyway, why not personalize it? Packaging should be unique to you and creative! Think outside of the box – literally. What box or bag shapes/colors/fabrics/styles could be unique to your brand? Packaging is your brand in your customer’s hand. This doesn’t just apply to holiday gift wrap, but to every package that walks out of your door/Etsy shop/craft fair booth/etc.

One of the easiest and cost-effective way to do this is by using stickers. Printed stickers are easy to come by, and you can stick them on almost anything – from your gift-wrapped packages (don’t forget to match your wrapping and tissue paper to your brand’s colors) to your to-go containers. They range from embossed seals to full-color stickers. They can be more than your logo; what about infusing some brand voice into your packaging? Placing stickers in unexpected places?

Anyone Can Do It, Everyone Should Do It

I was walking through Staples recently and was reminded how easy it can be for even the smallest business to brand their packaging. Avery and Martha Stewart have paired up to present package labeling for everything from wine bottles to cupcake boxes to price tags. I could spend hours just combing through this website thinking of things I wanted to sell purely to package them!

One of our customers, B Fabulous BBQ in Huxley, puts a sticker on every to-go container that leaves the restaurant. It’s a great way for them to do some marketing on their packaging that will sit in front of their customers for a day or two. Spend some time researching packaging; there are plenty of choices. You’ll find a variety of ways to brand the vehicle that your product is leaving in.

What packaging matches your personality?

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