Belated Thanks: To The One-Person Marketing Team

blog-post-5To my rockstars, my one-man and one-woman leaders who keep the small businesses you work for visible to the world, I give you my thanks.

You’ve got limited hours to work, a tight budget to work with, and only your two hands to get it done. No one in your office appreciates your Mad Men quip. No one else understands what you’re talking about when you say SEO or inbound marketing but they expect you to know what the WTHPSH product stands for and all the bells and whistles that go with it.

You may feel overwhelmed and underappreciated at times in your small business setting, as the lone marketer outsider, but myself and others at Zao525 love all your work and all that you stand for.

You are the PRIORITIZERS. You know what you have to work with and more importantly what you don’t have, so you focus on what counts. What will make the biggest impact over the longest course of time? What will your customers want from your small business? You stick with your small business priorities, and those priorities include what really matters: your mission and your customers.

You are the MAXIMIZERS. You take limited budgets and turn them into effective tactics. You’re never found at the water cooler gossiping about what so-and-so said to another so-and-so — you don’t have time for that! You’re spending every 40 hours trying to make progress and see results. And you learn how to repurpose your past content for different channels to make sure you’ve found all the value out of every piece of your work.

You are the INNOVATORS. You find inexpensive tactics that can reach your local audiences. You put automation and planning to use more than any other marketing teams — because you don’t have enough time in the week otherwise. You find ways to use your past skills and experiences to make your wild marketing ideas come to life.

And you aren’t afraid to ask for help when you need it. And Zao525 is here to help whenever you need a project completed, a talented friend to pass ideas and plans through, or training on certain marketing topics.

Keep in touch, because you are many things, but not alone, my friends.

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