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Man waving

Who are you talking to?

Customer personas and how small businesses and nonprofits can use them. Every time I watch television with my friends, we end up talking advertisements. The ad break will be over, and they’ll still be asking me why a company made such a terrible ad. “I wouldn’t buy that,” my friend says. “That’s because you’re not…
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Now That's Fresh-Sheraton

Are you talking to me? Doing signage well.

[slideshow_deploy id=’2649′] You may remember that one of my biggest pet peeves is poorly done signage. I may have gone off on a tiny rant about it in Don’t Let Signs Do Your Dirty Work. Well done signage it just so rarely done, and quite honestly, it’s HARD to do. Some signs you need to…
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What the mall teaches us about branding

Guest Post by Zao525 Intern: Anthony Bader There is a lot to learn about marketing from walking up and down the great spacious halls of a mall. Where else do you get to see numerous examples of stores’ branding side by side to analyze? Oh, and it is pretty nice that you can shop in…
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Branded Packaging

[slideshow_deploy id=’2571′] With the holiday season upon us, I’m reminded again of how much I love branded packaging. Almost any locally-owned store will gift wrap for you. For them, it’s just another way of keeping their brand at the forefront of your mind. And rightfully so! Not Just for Holidays You’re paying for packaging anyway,…
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MGMC Elevator Doors

7 Unique Locations to Promote Your Brand

I stopped by Mary Greeley Medical Center a couple of weeks ago to visit a patient. When I stepped into the elevator, there was a surprise! Mary Greely was using the inside of its elevator doors to promote their quiet campaign. Of course there’s nothing else to do in an elevator, but to read the…
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Brands We Love: Practical Farmers of Iowa

So far in our Brands We Love series, we’ve covered a lot of food-related topics: a couple of grocery stores and a burrito restaurant. But this week, we’re going straight to the source – a brand that represents a community of Iowa farmers invested in growing your food sustainably. They are Practical Farmers of Iowa.…
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Can Hostess Brands Be Saved?

At the announcement of Hostess Brand’s epic shutdown last week, there was an outpouring of sorrow at the loss of Twinkies, grief over Ho Ho’s that are no longer. Who knew the world loved these products so much? Why was Twinkie Trending? Although Twinkie was trending all week on Twitter, the reoccuring tweet I saw…
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