Are you talking to me? Doing signage well.

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You may remember that one of my biggest pet peeves is poorly done signage. I may have gone off on a tiny rant about it in Don’t Let Signs Do Your Dirty Work. Well done signage it just so rarely done, and quite honestly, it’s HARD to do. Some signs you need to do (and you know which ones they are), everyone else wants signs that aren’t needed (and you spend lots of time telling people no), some signs that aren’t needed are mandated, and most of the time people don’t read them anyway! It’s a losing battle most of the time, and yet some people are getting it right.

When I stepped into my Sheraton hotel room this weekend and noticed just how well they’d done their room signage, I thought I better share it with you. Gotta share the good to make up for the bad, right?

Basically the signs speak for themselves, but there is one thing that I’d like to highlight. They are talking to ME! (In their own brand voice, of course) When I make my way around the room, it’s as if I’m on a little discovery session – like the Sheraton left sticky notes for me all over my room! What’s not to love about that?

They’re telling me boring things: it’s a non-smoking room, it will cost me $2 if I crack the lid of this water bottle and another couple bucks if I use my phone, and yet I’m in love. SUCCESS!

Oh, and the last photo… it’s a shot of their VERY AWESOME program that allows you to make money if you choose not to have your hotel room needlessly cleaned EVERY SINGLE DAY of your trip. I’m truly in love with this program for many reasons. I’d like to say it’s because I’m environmentally conscious and like that I’m saving water by not washing so many towel (which is one small reason), however, the much larger reason is really because I love a good deal. If I can get 500 more Starwood Preferred Guest points to reuse my towel… heck yeah, I will! I can make my bed myself! If you’re not an SPG member, you can get a $5 voucher to use around the hotel. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did! I always find great brand voice examples when I travel!

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