About Zao525

zao: to live, breathe, be among the living;
to enjoy real life; to be fresh, bold, efficient

Not just another marketing consultant in Ames, IA. Our name, Zao525, represents who we are as a company, how we do business and what we believe about our clients. Zao525 exists to bring high-dollar professionalism to a small business budget, and we have extensive communication and marketing experience to do just that.

Samantha Boyd Headshot

Samantha Boyd

Owner/Brand Consultant

Samantha Boyd is a native Iowan who loves local business, connecting with people over coffee, and spell check.

A University of Iowa grad, Samantha made the journey to the rival university town over a decade ago, and has since called Ames her home. She honed her skill as a marketer working with a range of organizations from hotels to hospitals and went on to persure a master’s of communication leadership from Drake University.

Realizing the need for a creative consulting firm that specialized in small businesses and non-profit brands, Samantha started a small creative consulting firm, Zao525, in 2012. Today, her and her team assist clients across the country with both traditional and digital marketing projects.

Samantha takes pride in being a creative spirit who has a devotion to detail. She manages her career, her company, and her life, with zao – a fresh, bold and efficient spirit!

Our mission

Zao525 enables small businesses to articulate who they are in a comprehensive presentation that infuses spirit into their brand.

Every organization has a unique brand that exists in its very core. It is everything you represent rolled into one message through your logo, marketing, corporate culture, and internal and external communication. The team at Zao525 coaxes your brand out of hiding and brings it into the open where it belongs – full of life, full of spirit, like it was always meant to be.

Zao collateral

We know those shoes

In fact, we’ve walked several miles in them.

Zao525’s original partners met as communication colleagues in a non-profit healthcare organization. Today, although the business has evolved and grown, nearly every Zao525 partner has that same small business, non-profit background – we all understand tall orders on tight budgets!