A Thinking Exercise

Last post I talked briefly about my [sarcasm] love for icebreakers and other silly activities. I said that I wasn’t a very silly person, but then something happened to me yesterday that made me a liar.

What month is your brand?

Yesterday was the first day of April. Ignoring the fact that it was April Fools’ Day (and no, I didn’t play any tricks), I stopped to think how absolutely refreshing April was. Maybe it was the gorgeous weather (80 degrees and sunny), or the fact that it was one week away from Easter, my absolute favorite holiday because it breathes new life and spirit into my soul. The thought struck me: If Zao was a month, it would be April.

Not just a bad interview question

It does sound kind of silly – your brand as a month. It’s reminiscent of bad interview questions we were told to expect in college. “If you were a pizza topping, what kind of pizza topping would you be?” I don’t know what kind of pizza topping I would be because I’m a human being. What kind of question is that?

As cynical as I may usually appear, I still feel moved when I think of the spirit-infusing qualities of April. That in itself shows you how deeply spirit runs in our lives, and subsequently in the brand of our business.

Thought provoking

Such is the beauty of your brand, your personality. If it has the proper spirit (which it will when you’ve taken the time to identify and express it eloquently), it is so glaringly obvious in everything you do. Thinking becomes much easier. Planning is much clearer. Doing is joyful. You want to train because you have something exciting to share with the world.

So, think about it. What month represents your brand? If you can’t come up with it, hit the Start button and we’ll help you find it.

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