A Face We All Can Love

Just look at that darling puppy dog. Such a sweet, sweet face. Seriously, even without all the schmoozy-woozy lovey-dovey talk, aren’t basset hounds just adorable? Growing up, my aunt had two bassets – one named Mandy, and when Mandy passed, there was Good Golly Miss Molly. They are great dogs. And they need your help.

This week, we’re dedicating our blog to asking you to help out a client of ours. All Ears Basset Sanctuary is a new non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehoming basset hounds across the country. A good friend of ours volunteers at the Ames chapter of All Ears, and asked for our help in getting them votes to win $10,000. That amount of money can go a LONG way for a non-profit like ALl Ears.

Voting is simple. Go to Chase Community Giving’s Facebook page for All Ears. Allow the application to run (it doesn’t take any information or give it away) and vote for All Ears. You get two votes and only one can go to All Ears, so they’re asking that you vote for their friends at The 11th Hour Animal Rescue.

Won’t you help that sweet puppy dog?

Side note: this is what community spirit is all about. Friends helping friends. This is why we love being a part of the Ames community.

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