7 Unique Locations to Promote Your Brand

I stopped by Mary Greeley Medical Center a couple of weeks ago to visit a patient. When I stepped into the elevator, there was a surprise!

MGMC Elevator Doors

Mary Greely was using the inside of its elevator doors to promote their quiet campaign. Of course there’s nothing else to do in an elevator, but to read the life-size promotion right in front of you. Brilliant!

This got me thinking… what other unique places could brands promote themselves?

1. Sidewalks

I’m always amazed when I see promotions on the sidewalk, not because they are superb quality, but because they catch my attention. I stop to read them every time. College clubs and athletic departments are known for this; why aren’t you using it outside of your main entrance?

2. Bathroom stalls

Similar to be trapped in an elevator, while sitting or standing in a bathroom stall, a marketing promotion has your full attention. Mahaska Health Partnership does Flushy Facts. Their piece communicates upcoming events and updates for the health center. It is more of a newsletter concept, but with digitally printed vinyl similar to the elevator doors, could you wrap the entire stall?

3. Playgrounds

Does your company market to moms? Ask your local playground (probably the city parks dept.) about sponsoring the equipment. Could you print your graphics in vinyl and place them on the slide? Could your company supply the tire for the tire swing with your logo printed in the tread?

4. On the road

Vehicle wraps or even partial wraps are a great place to promote your business. It’s a moving billboard – and costs about the same as a billboard, actually. Only the wraps are meant to last years instead of a month.

5. In the looking glass

The writing is on the wall, literally. Lipstick is hard to wash off, but white board markers make awesome writing utensils when it comes to mirrors. Leave messages for your customers in your changing rooms, bathrooms or on your storefront windows.

6. Step by step

Do you have a stairwell at your location? Promote your campaign one step at a time. Have some fun with it and create a Bermashave style progressive ad.

Game Stop floor advertising
7. In the carpet

I was in Game Stop a couple of days ago, and noticed that they had exchanged carpet squares for printed ads. What else do you have to do while standing in line? Very noticeable, and very well done physically. Could you incorporate this into your carpet?

What other unique places have you found to promote your brand?

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